3 Types Of Effective Digital Ads You Haven't Tried

July 28, 2017

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Credibility is crucial when introducing new healthcare related products to the medical community, insurance and government payors, and the public.


Running Facebook and AdWords ads will only get you so far in building trust for your products. Add native advertising, sponsored content, and Reddit ads to your marketing mix, to truly establish a trust relationship with your unique audience segments.


These long-form, content filled ads help your readers (prospects) understand the complex products. Let's outline what these ad methods are, and how to use them to sell medical services, devices and medications.

The Ad That's Not an Ad: Why Native Ads and Sponsored Content Work for the Health Industry

Native advertising is the term for the "suggested reading" links at the bottom of articles you've read. These ad links are hyper relevant, attractive and contain helpful, informative article content.


What's even better, perhaps, is that native ads  carry the implied gravitas of the brand upon whose webpages they appear. Your recently-introduced medication can be associated with your choice of household names, such as People Magazine, Reuters, MSNBC and more.


What's more, your ads will appear at the exact moment when your prospect is in the mood to learn more about a related topic. Google recently bought native advertising company StackAdapt, the engine that powers the ad selection, so you have an extra layer of assurance that the relevancy algorithms will be accurate. Ads are booked through an exchange, such as Outbrain.


Sponsored placement, yes, essentially means you are paying to be recommended by a chosen individual who is influential with your targeted audience.


Since the post you're sponsoring is relevant, solution-oriented and entertaining, the content is typically seen as a sincere endorsement of the product by the paid blogger and a welcome read. (Sponsored posts have the ring of truth, since most influencers wouldn't put their credibility on the line to do a sponsored blog for a product that doesn't fit their carefully cultivated following.) These ads can be pricey because you're paying the expert blogger.


Alternatively, you can write and produce the content, then pitch compatible websites and pay for publication.


Reddit is built on thousands of active, interest-based communities, where enthusiasts ask and answer questions, offer advice and discuss or dissect the latest news in detail.


Healthcare companies will find communities that precisely fit their target audience personas and have the opportunity to reach them directly through these low-cost ads. Booking your Reddit ad is easy, just choose interests that your audience shares, or pick out a forum they’re likely to spend time on. Input your text and photo and set your ad spend limit. It’s also simple to cancel if you feel your ad isn’t performing. Reword it, change the image or choose a different interest group to target—then try again if you like.


Now that you know some of the ways that these new digital ad options can help your healthcare industry campaigns, consider adding one or more of them to your marketing and advertising mix. If the thought of juggling all these ad types has you reeling, let us help.


We're the Get Known Pros, providing complete digital marketing services for medical firms. Contact us today.

Will Cartwright

Will Cartwright

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