5 Simple Traits The Best Corporate Websites All Have

June 10, 2017

Web Design

5 Simple Traits The Best Corporate Websites All HaveYour business website sits at the center of your business marketing platform. This is where you can gather leads, make sales, or urge people to pick up the phone or visit your local store.

1. Best Corporate Websites Must Deliver Upon the Promise You Made

The most important thing that your site needs to do is offer customer’s an excellent experience.


You must deliver on the promise that you implicitly made when you worked to attract internet users to your site in the first place.


These are some things that you should know about consumer behavior:

  • Google tells us that your business website will be 90 percent of people’s first experience with your business.
  • Microsoft research found that most internet users will spend an average of only 10 seconds on a page before they back out.
  • Average shoppers will visit at least three company websites before they make a purchase.

Here’s the good news. An attractive, functional, and helpful site will satisfy visitors enough to convince people to complete a lead form, pick up the phone, or add items into their online shopping cart.


Your reviews, social network posts, or search engine listings brought people to your site, and now you just need to deliver what you promised and close the transaction.

2. Responsive Site Design

Google also reports that most today’s internet users will search for products and visit your site on a mobile device.


Mobile has grown at a staggering rate in the last few years. If your site used to capture a lot of leads and close a lot of sales but isn’t performing well any longer, you may have a problem with your responsive website design.


Responsive sites work well on all devices. People who make it to your business website on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device all need to have a good experience. Your site might work fine on your desktop computer at work, but if you haven’t also had it tested on iPads, notebooks, and of course, mobile phones, you can’t be sure you are reaching most potential customers.

3. Call to Action

Best corporate website design always has a call to action. 


Good salespeople say that you must always ask for the sale. If you want people to perform some desired action, you need to make that action obvious.


Consider these things about your website:

  • Make contact information visible: Certainly, you need to make it very easy for your visitors to figure out how to complete your lead form, find your phone number, send you an email, or add items to the shopping cart.
  • Include visible calls to action: You might include a call to action in multiple places within your site’s content. For instance, you could ask for the desired action near the top of your page and then further down near the end. You might also include one in the sidebar of your site. If you don’t clearly tell people what you would like them to do, they might just consume your information and leave.

4. Personalization

Per Hubspot, personalizing a call to action can improve conversion ratios by as much as 42 percent. This data came from reviewing almost 100,000 different calls to action over the period of a year. If taking this one step could improve your conversion ratios by almost half, wouldn’t that be a good investment?


For instance, you probably shop on Amazon sometimes.


You may have noticed that the recommendations on that site are very different when you are logged in vs. when you haven’t logged in yet. Amazon works very hard to offer millions of products, but at the same time, they personalize each user’s experience by using their prior shopping and browsing history.


Also, don’t make the mistake of developing content marketing that only sends people to your main page. For example, you might market life insurance.


You may want to develop content for a young man in his thirties that is very different than the content you develop for a retired woman in her 60s. You should have sales pages that are also tailored towards these distinct buyer personas and try to send your visitors directly to their own personalized content.

5. Tell a Story

Shoppers may do research and compare all sorts of pros and cons before they make a choice. In the end, buyers tend to base their decision on emotions and gut feelings.


According to a study from the University of Texas, the overwhelming majority of buyers actually use their research to justify decisions that are mostly made emotionally.


One tested way to establish an emotional connection with visitors is to tell a story. In fact, I’m going to tell you a story about the university’s research to convince you of this fact.


In one part of the study, the researchers showed participants pictures of two chickens:

  • One chicken was plump, healthy and attractive.
  • The other chicken was scrawny and rather ugly.
  • The researchers told half the subjects that the attractive chicken was a type that was healthier but didn’t taste as good, and they told the other half of the subjects exactly the opposite.

Subjects overwhelmingly selected the attractive chicken. They based their answers upon preferring health over taste or taste over health – but these rational reasons were modified to fit their subjective choice of the good-looking chicken.


In any case, your site needs to be the attractive choice to buyers. On the most basic level, it should look and function well on all sorts of computers. You need to deliver on your marketing promise, make it easy for people to figure out how to perform your desired actions, and of course, make a connection by personalizing your site as much as possible.

Will Cartwright

Will Cartwright

Will specializes in digital marketing and web design with ROI as the determining factor for all decisions. Will makes use of all possible sources of traffic from the web. Focusing also on converting, closing, and nurturing each website visitor.

Web Design

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