All About Google's New Local Search Menu Pane

August 03, 2017

Local SEO



Your virtual presence is just as important as your physical signage. You need to use virtual pointers to get visitors to check out your physical location based on their local search.


Since most users are now looking up information on the fly with their smartphones, you will want to ensure your restaurant is landing high in local searches.


If you are a restaurant looking to boost your local search, then you need to take full advantage of Google’s newest update.


Google has added a new tab to their search panel that allows users to see menu items and pricing without ever leaving the search engine.


You need to make sure you are completely filling out your online profile and allowing Google to access important parts of your site in order to make your business as accessible and enticing as possible.



Offering the Menu to Increase Relevant Traffic

When a user can simply click open one tab to see what dishes you offer along with pricing, they are able to naturally funnel into your cite based on true interest.


A sales funnel should appeal to users that have just reached the awareness stage and are working towards discovery. By allowing that initial listing to remain on the main search page, you can easily appeal to those who are not sure what they want to go for, but know they are hungry.


Keep your customer engaged by allowing them the transparency of your menu before forcing them to click on your site.


Many customers are happy to simply use Google maps to get directions to the food place of their choice.


By offering a menu tab, Google allows users to know what they are going to be able to order from a restaurant without clicking through the site to open or download a menu.


Instead, a user can simply search for nearby restaurants (or a kind of food) and see options immediately. In that same search, they can begin clicking on menu tabs to see what is offered and how pricing compares. 


You will want to make sure your site is optimized to allow searchers to use this very helpful function. If you don't keep your information (hours, menu, location) updated, then your location is going to likely be somewhat counted out by many people looking for a quick answer to what is available immediately nearby.

Use Quality Pictures

Make sure you are uploading high quality images of your food and location to your Google profile, since Google Restaurant Menus are going to be just cut and dry text.


Images are much more likely to capture a searchers attention and convince them of value than text alone. Pictures are quicker at communicating with a hungry search engine user and more likely to capture their attention and help them choose your location. 


You want to use visual aids that are enticing and professional to really get customers excited about trying your location. In order to increase the appetite, you will want pictures that are well lit, crisp and good examples of your dishes.


Make sure you are using relevant alt-tags to help your images pop up when people are looking for the kinds of food you offer. The search engine will be able to see your visual content if you use the right alt-tabs and pull the images up when people are looking for specific foods you offer.

Keep Menu Listings Updated

There is some speculation that menus are being pulled from popular sites, like and and you will want to keep yours updated.


This is assumed because some restaurants have menus in their Google tab, but do not have their menu listed on their own site. However, if these menus aren’t kept up-to-date, then your patrons are going to feel frustrated when they arrive and find out your dishes or pricing has changed.

Include a Schema Markup

Aside from keeping outside sources updates, you will want to make it easier for Google to read the information on your site.


A Schema Markup is going to provide information, like hours, location and menu, to the search engine so that they are more likely to pull your information and use it to complete your listing.


Most of your potential customers searching online are going to look for something nearby with an enticing selection of food.


Stay on top of your local appearance to help increase the amount of local search traffic you are able to draw in. Small businesses often fail to take full advantage of this cost-effective marketing method, but this is a great way to increase business without a large budget.

Will Cartwright

Will Cartwright

Will specializes in digital marketing and web design with ROI as the determining factor for all decisions. Will makes use of all possible sources of traffic from the web. Focusing also on converting, closing, and nurturing each website visitor.

Local SEO

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