Digital Hacks for Sports Nutrition Marketing

August 21, 2017


Picture a new sports nutrition company with a product that can help enhance performance and promotes general health.


With the rapidly increasing demand for health supplements, it might seem like sports nutrition marketing should be a breeze.


Still, that small company might struggle if it can't define its market, meet them where they look for information, and then convince supplement buyers of benefits.

Both new and established sports nutrition companies may need to employ some digital marketing hacks to perform as well as their products help their customers perform.


At the same time, it's even more important to carefully define a target market for smaller companies without the budget to compete the major players head-to-head.


The good news for smaller companies in this industry is that there are many emerging markets to satisfy with products that are somewhat different than those that may have saturated the market in the past.

What to Know About Sports Nutrition Marketing

As with any products, sports nutrition marketers need to understand the current and emerging markets for their performance supplements. For a general overview, consider a brief summary of sports nutrition marketing research:

  • By 2021, market researchers expect the market to have a total value of $44 billion.
  • The overall market includes all sorts of capsules, powders, bars, and drinks that provide nutrition or hydration to all levels of athletes or promote overall health.
  • In the past, body builders and similar fitness buffs were the primary target market; however, this market is already expanding to recreational or lifestyle users.
  • North America used to offer 40 percent of the total market for these products; however, worldwide growth with a focus on Southeast Asia may change the picture in the near future.
  • Some very large corporations, including traditional supplement companies, major soft drink producers, and even some drug companies, have increased their marketing to claim a large share of the market.

What Sports Nutrition Marketing Facts Suggest About Digital Marketing

In order to grow a sport or fitness supplement brand, it's important to consider the market research and predictions to develop an effective sports nutrition marketing plan and the best products to ensure growth:

  • Consider target markets: While the market is huge and expanding, startups and new companies might prosper by carefully carving out smaller target markets at first. Brands that don't have a lot of trust or even brand recognition will have trouble competing toe-to-toe with current top sellers.
  • Look at product trends: While powders and pills have a share of the market, some newer consumers would prefer to consume their nutrition by eating actual food that tastes good. For instance, Myoptin is one company that has done well by adding bars, cookies, and nut butters to their mix. Other companies have offered ready-to-drink products that offer refreshment, convenience, and additional benefits.
  • Target search terms to benefits: In order to improve returns from online SEO campaigns, keywords that focus on benefits may help. For instance, searchers who fall into the casual user category may ask "how to gain lean muscle" more than they ask for a "muscle supplement."
  • Learn where supplement customers search online for fitness information: Once the target market has been defined, it's much easier to figure out where they are likely to look for information online. Some will search on the big search engines, but those ranks can be very competitive. You may not want to ignore optimization for search engines, but you may gain traction faster if you can get your sports nutrition mentioned by influential bloggers, noted on the appropriate forums, or even promoted by fitness clubs.

In other words, the market for sports nutrition may be huge and growing.


At the same time, you should consider the people that you want to appeal to very carefully at every step.


This begins with product development and packaging. It extends to ordering content or ads and deciding where to distribute your message.


Your customers may want to improve performance, gain more muscle, and even consume actual food that tastes good. In the end, your message needs to let your prospects know that your product can offer them the benefits they seek better than competitor's products.


Your new or relatively unknown fitness product won't have to compete with the marketing budgets of the major players if you can define your niche well and master it. Later, you may expand to other niches until your brand gets recognized by a larger market.

Will Cartwright

Will Cartwright

Will specializes in digital marketing and web design with ROI as the determining factor for all decisions. Will makes use of all possible sources of traffic from the web. Focusing also on converting, closing, and nurturing each website visitor.

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