Marketing Strategy For Supplements: Selling Online

August 24, 2017

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Developing an effective marketing strategy for supplements depends upon finding the right outlets for products.


Imagine a supplement producer who has enjoyed some success marketing fitness and health products to consumers through health clubs, health food stores, or even groceries.


Selling to consumers through other businesses offers one marketing channel; however, getting into stores takes time and typically, quite a bit of effort.

The supplement business may enjoy a wider market, faster growth, and greater profits by selling directly to the public through online outlets.


Online marketing efforts can also help promote a brand to make it more likely that people will recognize and buy it if they do encounter it offline.


These days, most consumers will search for information about health products online.


You certainly have an advantage if it's easy for prospective buyers to learn more about your products and your company when they search on computers or mobile phones.

Marketing Nutritional Supplements at Online Outlets

If you're fairly new to marketing nutritional supplements, there are a few things you should know about product sources: There are a number of ways that brands source their supplements:

  • Some companies do develop totally new products. At least, they figure out how to formulate or deliver current ingredients in an innovative way.
  • Many retail brands actually market white-label products that the company simply sources from wholesalers and sells with their own labels. If you have noticed that a lot of products appear very similar, it's because they are.
  • In some cases, the marketers have little to do with the product at all; and they just join affiliate programs or direct sales companies and earn a certain percentage of their total sales. In this case, marketing nutritional supplements hinges on reaching consumers and providing information about the product.

There are pros and cons to each of these business plans.


This is just important to know about them because your own sourcing habits may influence which online outlets will offer you the most traction. It's also helpful to keep this in mind when you research competitors.

Which Internet Outlets Should You Consider for Your Nutritional Supplements

In the end, you will probably end up using more than one of these online outlets for nutritional supplements. As you will note below, some may offer you quicker results but others can help you earn greater profits in the long run.


Your Own Internet Platform


As a long-term, valuable asset, you will certainly want to consider developing a branded eCommerce website.


Your entire platform could also include supporting social sites, video channels, and possibly mentions of your website, brand, and products on review websites, blogs, and other online influencer platforms.


If you can sell directly, you get to keep more revenue.


On the other hand, you will probably have to invest more in website traffic, testing for conversions, and simply maintaining your internet platform. In the ends, most businesses should include development of their own site.


They can develop an asset that way, and it also lends credibility to the brand. A branded eCommerce site may not provide the quickest road to profits.


Larger eCommerce Sites


There are plenty of successful marketing strategies that focus mainly on distribution through large retailers.


Some obvious examples include eBay, Amazon, and fitness- or health-oriented online retailers.


These retailers maintain their websites, draw some of their own traffic, and may even help lend some credibility to a brand that isn't well known yet.


For example, most consumers will be more willing to provide payment information to Amazon; but your branded site has to work to earn that sort of trust.


In addition, you can let these customers know about your own business site by including website information and maybe even incentives with each product that they order.


This channel offers many benefits with some drawbacks:

  • The retailer will take some of your revenues in the form of fees.
  • Your brand may have to compete with many similar products on the site.
  • You're subject to the whims of the online retailer and may have to conform to some service terms that hamper your marketing efforts.
  • In the end, you have to share customer loyalty with a retailer who may decide to promote another brand more than they promote you.


Affiliate Programs for Nutritional Supplements


With an affiliate program, you can get other marketers to promote your supplements.


You may either pay them a fixed rate or a percentage of each sale.


You can choose to create your own program, you you may find it's easier to recruit affiliates if you simply join a good affiliate network.


Having an affiliate program may also offer online influencers to mention your product. For instance, a health blogger might be more eager to provide readers with information about the benefits of your brand if he or she can earn some portion of sales that result from a link on the blog.


Affiliate programs have benefited many companies.


Even large retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, employ them in one form or another.


You can develop your own terms that affiliates must adhere to; on the other hand, you risk losing some control over the ways that these affiliate marketers promote your products.

Marketing Nutritional Supplements is Not All About Traffic

A few years ago, online marketers of most products would just work to generate as much web traffic as possible to improve sales.


A competition grew, marketers began to understand that they needed to spend money on every sort of traffic -- including direct traffic and search traffic.


As traffic costs rose and became better understood, marketers still needed traffic; however, they also tended to focus on conversions.


With every 100 visitors, companies will earn more if they can keep their conversion rates at 15 percent, than they could with 200 visitors with conversion rates at five percent.


Thus, no matter which online marketing channel you choose will perform better for you if you understand your target market, promote benefits, and sell quality products with sensible packaging.

Which Online Outlets are Best for Nutritional Supplements?

If you hope to improve brand recognition and grow your company, you may find that you can't make a bad decision.


Your best option may be to grow your own business site while continuing to enjoy the advantages of piggy backing off of other company's marketing efforts.


You should find that you can also enjoy some synergies as customers from one channel discover your brand on one online outlet and then move to others.


For instance, a consumer may discover your fitness supplement on a health blog, make an initial order, and then return directly to your website for more purchases.

Will Cartwright

Will Cartwright

Will specializes in digital marketing and web design with ROI as the determining factor for all decisions. Will makes use of all possible sources of traffic from the web. Focusing also on converting, closing, and nurturing each website visitor.

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