New Ways To Use PPC Location Targeting 2017

August 17, 2017

Pay Per Click, Local SEO



Marketing strategies are changing rapidly due to technology advances.


Consumers today are used to searching for information with a simple touch of the screen and they like to have access to the answers they need.


If you are not advertising based on local search, then you are missing out on a lot of traffic that could be vital to the growth and local support of your business.

Get customers through your doors by creating a great online presence and Approximately 90% of all smart phone users keep their location services function activated on their phones, according to Pew Research Center.


Nine out of 10 people are using their phones to search for recommendations, get directions and discover things that are located nearby their location or destination.


This number continues to rise each year (up from 74% in 2013). And, these numbers are also directly tied to the age of users, with younger users more likely to use their phones for activates outside of calling.

What Will Local Search Really do for Your Business?

When purchasing ads, it is important to narrow down the audience to try and get your message in front of the most relevant user base.


You can have a great ad flop because the people who are seeing it just have no need for your product or service.


PPC location targeting 2017 is going to help your business rise above the fray to target those already in the area.


If you are a Denver restaurant, there is absolutely no reason to have an ad show up to someone looking for food in New York.


Yet, if you are a lawn service company that covers a wide range of surrounding areas, then you will do well by writing ads and landing pages to specifically address multiple locations.

  • Limit your audience to only those really interested in what you offer
  • Increase traffic to your brick-and-mortar location
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Improve your understanding of customer wants and needs
  • Drive better conversion rates
  • Use your PPC budget more wisely

Even if you don’t think local search is important to your company (if you are worldwide or national), you may be missing out on an opportunity for smart advertising.


What is going to make your business stand out? Local advertising can give people a connection to your company because you are based there and involved in the community events.


Multiple locations can have multiple local search campaigns, covering a wider group of niche audiences.


While purchasing a keyword spot can be more expensive for a general term, location keywords are often less sought after, but still highly used.

Expanding to National

Now, whether you are a national company or not, you will want to take your local search campaigns one step further.


What happens when someone in another city wants to look up restaurants in your area because they are planning to visit? Will they be excluded because the geo tags realize that they are not in Denver (and your ads are set for local)?


You can avoid this problem by adding a secondary campaign that is set for a national user excluding those in your area and then uses a keyword with your location included.


So, the national user might search for “restaurants in Columbus Ohio” and see your page. Including the location in your keyword phrase helps weed out those who are looking for restaurants (or whatever you offer) in their own area. 


Whatever it is that you do or sell, you can use both local search and national search (with local keywords) to increase the relevant flow of traffic.

Using Household Income Targeting

Though it can be controversial, you may find that targeting a certain income bracket with your adds means being more effective in your plans.


The hard part here is not to get caught up in your own assumptions. You need to let the data tell you what to do and avoid skewing the numbers.


This kind of location targeting can help further segment your list within the area and better appeal to the audience most likely to buy from your brand.


The more you are able to personalize your marketing campaigns to target those who will want your products or services, the more likely you are to have a higher CTR (click through rate) and conversion rate.

Retargeting Your Leads

Another way to personalize your marketing strategies is to appeal to those who have already shown an interest in your site or product.


Place ads that target those who have already visited and are searching again for the product or service that you offer. Since the user already knows your brand and clearly is interested in what you are selling, they may be more inclined to convert easier a second or third time around.


This can help build brand recognition, even on a subliminal level.

Target Competitor Locations

You can select a radius that shows your ad when users are looking for your keywords within that area.


If you know where your biggest competitors are based, then your search radius could be placed over their location.


When people in that area are looking for your competition, they will actually see your name come up for the product or service they are looking for.


This targets buyers who have already moved from the awareness and discovery stage of your marketing funnel and are heading towards purchase.


Advertising to people who already know what they are looking for can increase sales when they realize you are offering a similar or better product at a similar or better price.


If you are looking for a stronger PPC campaign and strategy that includes local search, contact us. We can help you determine your goals and find solutions that bring in better results for your company.


Local search has improved the reach of many of our clients and we can help you achieve that same success.

Will Cartwright

Will Cartwright

Will specializes in digital marketing and web design with ROI as the determining factor for all decisions. Will makes use of all possible sources of traffic from the web. Focusing also on converting, closing, and nurturing each website visitor.

Pay Per Click, Local SEO

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