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February 13, 2020

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Basics Of How Organic Search Traffic Content Campaigns Work Successfully

Organic search traffic is free traffic that comes from search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc.)


Organic search traffic is the best traffic because people trust it more than advertisements, it’s free, there is endless opportunity and ranking positions are stable for the long-term.


All the most successful health & wellness brands dominate in organic search traffic. It is their primary source of new customers.



CASE STUDY 1 - Dr.Axe.com

One example of a supplement brand who has dominated the industry from Google search traffic alone is DR AXE.

Since 2015 Dr.Axe has been consistently dishing out quality informational health-related content on his website.

Today Dr.Axe gets more than 5 Million new visitors per month from Google organic search alone.

All this traffic is generated from his information blog posts he consistently writes.

The report above is from SEMRush and shows us some of the high-traffic keywords they rank for.

Every single one of their keywords exists because they made an informational blog article just for it.



CASE STUDY 2 - HumNutrition.com

Another example of a website dedicated to giving out quality keyword-focused blog articles and achieved a huge audience from it.

The report on the right shows a few keywords they rank for. (We can't possibly fit them all on this article.)

HumNutrition.com creates great information content every day.

Majority of their articles are focused towards a high traffic keyword. 

Today they get more than 70,000 visitors to their website per month.

All with the simple formula of creating blog articles, and gaining authority.



CASE STUDY 3 - PerfectKeto.com

This website PerfectKeto.com took full advantage of the new Ketogenic diet craze.

There are many types of questions and topics regarding this, and they commit to cover them all!

PerfectKeto.com is great at creating quality informational blog posts consistently. 

Today they get more than 370,000 visitors to their website per month.

Sticking to that formula of creating information blog articles focused on high traffic keywords.

Organic search traffic content campaigns work by combining two general factors:

  1. High-quality research articles published under your brand that targets business category relevant highly-searched informational key phrases.
  2. Number of outside trustworthy websites mentioning & linking to your domain and author.

    1. High-quality research articles published under your brand that targets business category relevant highly-searched informational key phrases EXPLAINED

The overall technique is to rank on search engines organically/naturally. Every search variation has different results. You must prioritize ranking for searches that are relevant to your business and get high traffic. Target informational searches in research article posts, and transactional searches in product/service pages.




This search gets 18,100 searches per month average




Perfectketo.com showing number 2 on this search expect about 25% of traffic to click through



(The Perfectketo.com web page ranking for “what are ketones” search traffic)

Simply put the research article is there to “give the best possible solution for the searcher”

Depending on your products and services, there are many searches that can funnel huge amounts of steady & free traffic leading to business.


Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 5.47.26 PM


First you must identify as many of those high-traffic searches that make sense for your business as possible. We recommend starting with at least 100 potential searches.




Then you must analyze all those potential searches to see the level of competition you’re up against.


You determine competition by entering the key phrase to Google and analyzing the top 10 results on the first page search you are targeting.


When analyzing the level of competition you look for 3 primary factors in the first page search results

(For presentation purposes we will compare only the first 2 results)




  1. How relevant is the title & content of the results from the search entered?

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 5.50.13 PM


  1. What is the quality of competition research articles? How many words written, images, videos, etc.


  1. What is the authority (trustworthiness) of the competition?

Based on those 3 factors you must tag each potential search based on its level of competition in the current search results.


Depending on the competition of the search will determine how much research, written words, images, videos, etc. must go into the research piece to rank as the 1st result.


In other words your research article must be MUCH BETTER than anything currently ranking for our targeted search. Especially if the competition has higher authority.

Once we know our lower-competition targeted key phrases, it’s time to create our research articles & publish them to rank!

When writing your article it is crucial to reference scholarly research and extremely reliable sources. Avoid referencing other competing blog post articles.


Writing must be SEO optimized and highly relevant for our targeted key phrases. Formatted to be fun-to-read. Contain H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6 headings, images, alt text in images and a video if applicable.


The “fun-to-read” factor is because Google & other search engines look at is “User metrics” on your ranking page. Meaning they will compare how long a user is on your page and how engaged they are versus who you are trying to rank closer to the 1st search result for.


So things like quality, relevance to the search, images & videos can make an article more interesting to read and make a big difference for user metrics which effects ranking.

2. Number of outside trustworthy websites mentioning & linking to your domain and author EXPLAINED

Building domain & author authority is very similar to public relations.


Google & search engines factor in how trustworthy the source of the ranking research article when determining where to rank it on the results.


Search engines determine trust by collecting data on every website ever made. They mainly look at domain authority & author authority.


authority score


Your domain authority is how trustworthy your website is. This is mostly determined by how many outside high-authority websites link & mention your website.


Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 5.54.46 PM


(Example of one outside website (themeatclub.com) linking to an article on perfectketo.com, increasing their authority)


Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 5.55.14 PM


Author authority is the same thing, but outside sources are simply mentioning the author name.


These mentions & backlinks will occur naturally over-time when you publish excellent quality content.

The higher the quality of your research article, the people who read it will be more likely to mention and reference it.

There are five different techniques to speed up the process of being mentioned & linked we found works best:

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 5.56.35 PM

Technique 1: Promoting, recycling & and referencing each research article is crucial.

First, you must publish the article on your website & wait 24 hours to establish we are the original source of the content.


Then we recommend re-using & referencing each research article on Facebook, Facebook Groups, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Publishing, Your Email Newsletter, Quora, Reddit, Medium, Mix.com, relevant forums, etc.


reference outreach


Technique 2: Reference outreach is a surprisingly effective technique.

Whoever we reference in our research articles, we reach out to them simply thanking them for their information and notifying them we used their content in our research article.


Many times this person will be proud we referenced their content and share our research article and get us more authority.


guest blogging


Technique 3: Guest posting works by creating research articles to be published on outside websites.

To do this you must reach out to high-authority websites that write about a relevant category to yours. The idea is to offer an original article to be published on their website.


Some websites will accept your written article and publish it on their site. Some may charge a varying guest posting fee. Within the article you wrote it will link and mention your website & brand.




Technique 4: Releasing newsworthy press releases.

Doing something newsworthy, creating media around it and releasing a press release is a great way to get a large wave of mentions & authority.


The better the story, the more mentions and links you will get.




Technique 5: Is participating in product reviews & interviews.

In this process, we reach out to influencers in your category and offer to send them your products for free for them to review or participate in an interview with them.


Depending on reviewers they may charge varying fees


Consistency is key! You can start by writing 1 article per week along with following all the techniques to maximize authority and you will see dramatic results within 6-months!


GetKnownPros can perform all these services for your organic search traffic campaign!

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Will Cartwright

Will Cartwright

Will specializes in digital marketing and web design with ROI as the determining factor for all decisions. Will makes use of all possible sources of traffic from the web. Focusing also on converting, closing, and nurturing each website visitor.

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